Welcome to the Vending Association of South Africa

The Vending Association of South Africa (VASA) was established in 1995 by members in the Industry.

VASA is the only Official Independent, self-regulating and non profit body representing the South African Vending Industry.
VASA represents the interests of the whole Vending Industry vis-à-vis South African Institutions, other relevant authorities or bodies and the port of call by Government for all consultations relating to the Vending Industry.

VASA acts in the interests of its members, consumers and persons wanting to purchase/rent machines or requiring a Full Operated Vending Service.

VASA does not trade, sell machines or products, but provides advice, know how and suggestions free of charge, totally unbiased as a service to the Industry and to those interested in Vending.

Membership is not restricted to Vending Companies only and includes all related Suppliers, Machine Manufacturers, Operators and Commodity Providers.

This ensures that as the Industry Watchdog, VASA includes all sectors and can dedicate itself to the improvement of standards and service, to all concerned.

VASA strongly suggests that you always deal with a VASA Accredited Member! 
All Accredited VASA Members are licensed to display the VASA logo to confirm their adherence to our:
a) Constitution
b) Customer Charter
c) Code of Ethics
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Please check if the company that you want to deal with is in fact an Accredited Member!

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